Updated 4-8-2018

Tech Support for Streaming V-Rocket Internet Radio..

With each device reaching the global market

it's not at all that obvious to receive

Streaming Internet Radio on your portable


Find out wich stream formats the Media player

on your device can Handle with.

For normal Windows PC and Desktop

We advise to use

Winamp or MediaMonkey

(Download Winamp Here)


(Download MediaMonkey Here)

For Iphone or MaciOS

get Fstream

For Android try White Flashplayer First

or get

Free ServeStream

If you want to use Windows Media Player it can

Receive V-Rocket Internet Radio.

Open Windows Media Player by going to

All Apps or Programs.

On the V-Rocket website you

Click on the Button

copy this link into your Mediaplayer “

Right Click on it an choose save link option

Open Windows Media Player

Press “ Crtl U “

Paste the link into required field

Press Ok.

In all Other Cases!

For MacIOS or Iphone devices we advise to use


(Download Itunes Here)


More on the use of M3u on Iphone devices

Click Here

For all Other Android Devices!

get Tunein

As there are numerous Portable Devices


Check out the specifications of your

Musicplayer onboard to see which

Stream Format is supported

(Click Here for Several types of Stream Formats)

And Click on Stream Link Accordingly!

Back to V-Rocket Internet Radio!!!

We are updating the Server Software

in Good Time to a More Modern Version.

If any questions about receiving

V-Rocket Internet Radio

feel free to use the Contact Page!